Bonn soup to burn fat

Bonn soup to burn fat

on 100gramm — 26.99 kcal B/W/Y — 1.22/0.1/5.76



Fresh cabbage – 400g

Onions – 5 PCs

Tomatoes – 5 pieces (this is approximate number, and you can use canned)

Bell pepper green – 2pcs

Carrots – 2 PCs

Celery (stalks) – 4 piece and a piece of root (2cm)

Parsley – 1 bunch



All the vegetables are cut or rubbed on a grater – as I used to hostess. In a pot of cold water put all the products included fire. While the soup is boiling, you can add some spices: garlic, curry, ginger, Laurel, coriander. Not necessarily all at once, it is possible that one or something like that.


Onions can be fried on a very small amount of olive oil and also add to the pot. Soon the water boils, now we must add the greens, reduce the heat and simmer the soup for another 10 minutes. Then cover with a lid and on low heat bring to readiness. Some just turn off the fire so that the soup itself has reached the condition». So retains more nutrients.


For broth you can use low fat beef broth, vegetable cube or a sachet of onion soup. It depends on the preferences of each person.


Bon appetit!



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