Breakfast in the baskets of pancakes

Breakfast in the baskets of pancakes


If you yesterday left a couple of rosy pancakes, I can tell you how great they can be applied in the morning and prepare your family simple breakfast …


Certainly on the shelf of your refrigerator, there is also a couple of eggs, a slice of sausage (or ham) and overlooked a small piece of cheese … I assure you — it will be enough that the breakfast was nice and hearty, and the husband and the kids happy and thankful.


As I have already noted, in addition to ready-made pancakes we take:


ham (sausage or sausage) — 100g

Eggs — 2 pcs.

hard cheese — 20 g

salt, spices — to taste


How to cook our breakfast:


Every housewife preparing pancakes for her years of proven extremely family recipe, so how well they bake, I will not stop.


Specifying only that for its pancakes I traditionally use the milk, a little boiled water, eggs, sugar, salt, flour and vegetable oil. Obtained thin, tasty and tender. Peck and always a lot, so sometimes the couple will remain so. Ham we dlinnenkoy chop sticks.


Three cheese on a coarse terochke.

At this preparatory stage is completed. We now need small ceramic molds for baking, or you can take the form of disposable foil (by the way, extremely comfortable to use).


Pancakes, we laid in our forms, as if the bottom was covered — it turns a kind of beautiful tsvetochek.Na bottom lay the ham-straw.


Well washed gently break the eggs on ham — it is advisable to stay tselenkim zheltochek. You can now slightly prisolit and pepper. On top is a layer of grated hard cheese.


We send all this beauty in preheated oven no more than 7-10 minutes — this time enough to chicken protein seized, melted cheese, and pancakes are not too dry and not burnt.


Faster brew coffee and call his household — simple, delicious and original breakfast already on the table!


Good day to you and bon appetit!

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