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Openwork PANCAKES — «a bomb»

Openwork PANCAKES — «a bomb»   These pancakes are obtained very tasty, thin, delicate. And what they are delicate, and all in all holes! Even if you’ve never baked pancakes, this recipe they are obtained at all! Pancakes are delicious and incredibly beautiful! Try it!   Ingredients: — Milk (2.5% fat) — 3 and 1/4 […]

Puff with cherry

Puff with cherry   Ingredients: Puff Puff dough — 500 g, Cherry — 300 g, Sugar — 5 tablespoons Starch — 1 tbsp   Preparation: Cherry Wash, drain off the water and remove the bones from the berries. Absorb cherry sugar and leave for 20 minutes to dissolve the sugar part and separated from the […]

Pancakes with sausage and cheese

Pancakes with sausage and cheese Ingredients: Wheat flour 8 tablespoons 5 pieces of chicken egg Milk 200 g Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons Sugar to taste Preparation: 40 minutes. 1. In the flour add eggs, stir (I — blender), then pour in the milk and mix thoroughly, add salt and sugar, then — oil, give stand […]

Filler pie with green onion and egg

Filler pie with green onion and egg   Ingredients:   Sour cream — 350 g Butter — 150 g Flour — 280-300 g Chicken eggs — 6 PCs. Baking powder — 1,5 tsp Salt — 1/2 tsp Sugar Green onions — 1 bunch   Preparation:   Prepare the ingredients for the dough and the filling. […]

Pancake pie with cottage cheese filling

Pancake pie with cottage cheese filling   Ingredients:   Ready thin pancakes — 10-12 pieces Cottage cheese — 500 g Sugar — 1-2 tbsp Egg — 1 PC. Vanilla sugar — 1 sachet Dried apricots or raisins To fill Eggs — 2 PCs. Sugar — 2-3 tbsp Sour cream — 3 tbsp   Preparation:   […]

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