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Shrimps in cream-garlic sauce

Shrimps in cream-garlic sauce   Ingredients:   500 g prawns (cleaned) 250 ml cream 50 ml white wine 50 g butter 6-7 cloves of garlic 1 lemon (juice) parsley   Preparation:   Melt the butter in a frying pan, put garlic, chopped plastics, pour lemon juice, fry the garlic until Browning, pour the wine and […]

The simplest and quite a budget fish pie

The simplest and quite a budget fish pie   I love pies with a fish filling (with red-fish, of course), even with konservirovannoy.   Ingredients for the dough:   kefir 1st., egg 1 PC., flour 1 tbsp., soda ½ tsp   Filling: canned fish 1 b., boiled eggs 2 PCs., any herbs, cheese, 50 g […]

Fish salad cake

Fish salad cake Ingredients and preparation: For the base: 500 g salted salmon, 4 boiled eggs, 4-5 tablespoons boiled rice, 1 pack krab.palochek For the cream: 100 grams of cheese «Philadelphia», 4 tbsp sour cream, 4 tablespoons mayonnaise, 8 g of gelatin For decoration: Green, red caviar. Preparation: Yolks, whites and crab sticks rubbed on […]

Vegetable salad with seafood

Vegetable salad with seafood Ingredients: Sea cocktail (from frozen) — 250 g Cucumbers — 100 g Tomato — 1 PC. Red onion (salad) — 1 piece Broccoli — 200 g Olive oil — to taste Vinegar (wine) — 4 tbsp Lemon juice — 3 tbsp Soy sauce — 2 tbsp Salt (to taste) Preparation: 1. […]

Fish in ginger marinade

Fish in ginger marinade Ingredients: Thick fillet of white fish — 1 kg Ginger grated on a fine grater 50 g Finely chopped garlic — 50 g Balsamic vinegar — 50 ml Brown sugar — 2 tbsp Carrot — 1 PC. Cucumbers — 2-3 PCs. Cherry tomatoes — 8 PCs. Mint Lemon juice — 0.5 […]

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