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SALAD «INSPIRATION» Ingredients and preparation: We spread layers, each layer with mayonnaise, salt to taste. 1 layer — boiled beets (grate) 2 layer -otvarnaya carrots (grate) 3 layer — onions (cut into semicircles and scalded with boiling water) 4 layer — ham (finely chopped) 5 layer — yolk (grate) 6 layer — marinated mushrooms (finely […]

SALAD «BASKET» — a real masterpiece of SALADS!

SALAD «BASKET» — a real masterpiece of SALADS! Ingredients and preparation: 350-400 g smoked chicken (breast); 4 medium onions; 5 eggs; parsley; mayonnaise; vegetable oil. 1 onion cut chetvertkoltsami, fry until golden brown and leave to cool. chicken cut into small strips. Beat 1 egg with a fork and fry in a pan egg pancake […]


SALAD «BANGLADESH» Ingredients and preparation: Rice (uncooked) 4 tbsp. l., egg 5-6 pcs. canned fish (required in oil tuna, saury, sardines, salmon), 1 bank, 1 apple pieces., Onion 1 pc. (small), plums. 80 g butter, 200 g of mayonnaise, sugar, 1 ch. l. lemon juice 1 tbsp. l. Figure boil, cool. Sauce: butter canned drained […]

SALAD «Red Riding Hood»

SALAD «Red Riding Hood» Ingredients and preparation: 1 onion (finely cut into cubes and pour over boiling water) potatoes (diced) chicken breast (preferably smoked or grilled) 4 walnuts (finely grate or crush in a blender) 5 carrots (cooked, cut into cubes) Egg (knead or rub on a coarse grater) cheese Each layer lubricates mayonnaise, but […]


SALAD «GIFT» Ingredients and preparation: This salad stacked layers and each spread with mayonnaise 1 layer — diced chicken breast 2 layer — mushrooms with fried onions, salt and pepper 3 layer — grated boiled carrot on a coarse grater 4 layer — grated apple 5 layer — chopped walnuts 6 layer — egg yolks, […]

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