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Omelet in Denver, baked in the oven

Omelet in Denver, baked in the oven.   Omelet in Denver — a rather popular form of omelet. This omelette with sweet pepper, ham, onions, often with grated cheese and sometimes even mushrooms.   You will need:   Half a large onion 1 medium green bell pepper half a large red pepper (optional) 200 grams […]

Chicken stirfry with sweet and sour sauce

Chicken stirfry with sweet and sour sauce   Ingredients for 6 servings: 800 g chicken (breast, you can optionally use the dark meat) 2 tbsp potato or corn starch 2 sweet peppers 2 tbsp finely chopped ginger 1/2 small pineapple (about 350 g of pure)   For the sauce: 2 tbsp rice or cider vinegar […]

A delicious lemon cream

A delicious lemon cream.   Surprisingly delicate, fragrant, thick and delicious lemon cream. Perfect as a filling and baking (bread rolls, croissants, cakes, tarts, pastries). In addition, this recipe for an English cream dessert (Lemon curd) is surprisingly simple and nothing special for its production is not required.   Ingredients: — 1 egg — 50 […]

Curd cheese, sour cream and yogurt.

Curd cheese, sour cream and yogurt.   A delicious, creamy, like a very, very thick cream, it is not sour, and of course completely without grains: delicious :)) Excellent in salads as spreads on bread. It will be good to bring to the nature, wrapped in pita bread. Good!   You will need:   500 […]


Shakshuk   Interesting dish of eggs with vegetables, popular in Israel and neighboring countries. Very bright, fragrant, light and at the same time satisfying. Recipe of 4 eggs designed for 2 large or 4 small servings.   You will need:   Onions 100g Vegetable oil 30 ml Sweet red pepper (paprika) 1 piece Garlic cloves […]

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