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Sausages in the test

Sausages in the test   Ingredients:   One cup flour One-third cup warm water One tablespoon of vegetable oil heaped teaspoons fast dry yeast Half a tablespoon of honey Salt to taste   Preparation:   The warm water dissolve honey and dry yeast, giving «come alive.» Add the oil, salt. Gradually pour the flour and […]

Sausage and cheese on a skewer

Sausage and cheese on a skewer   Ingredients:   Sausages Cheese dry pancake mix — 6 glasses Yellow corn flour — 2 cups Eggs — 2 pcs. Water — 6 glasses Chopsticks Rapeseed oil Mustard   Preparation:   Push the sausages on skewers. The same is done with the cheese. In a large bowl, combine […]

BAP «gusenichka»

BAP «gusenichka»   Ingredients:   For the dough: 200 ml milk 2 tablespoons sugar (without top) 1 tablespoon dry yeast (18 g fresh) 1 tsp salt 20g butter or vegetable oil flour 600 ml (300 g)   For filling: 150 grams of cheese such as Gouda   For lubrication: 1 egg 1 tablespoon milk 1 […]

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