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10 most useful nuts

10 most useful nuts 1. Pistachios. These nuts: — reduce the level of bad cholesterol overall by 6%; — support eye health (contains zeaxanthin and lutein); — protect cells from damage. 2. Almonds: — reduces the production of insulin; — promotes weight loss; — protects cells from the aggression of free radicals. 3. Peanuts: — […]

Asparagus is a good helper of Your liver

Asparagus is a good helper of Your liver! Korean researchers analyzed the components of asparagus and its biochemical effect on the liver of humans and rats. They concluded that the minerals and amino acids contained in asparagus ease hangovers and protect the liver against toxins generated by the consumption of alcohol. The most useful properties […]

3 useful properties of watermelon

3 useful properties of watermelon, about which You should know. Apart from the fact that the watermelon is perfectly refreshing in the hot weather, he still has a number of useful properties for human health. Let us know how useful watermelon for our body! Watermelon juice and healthy arteries A recent study of American scientists […]

Fettuccine in tomato cream sauce

Fettuccine in tomato cream sauce Ingredients: Olive oil — 2 tbsp Butter — 2 tbsp Onion — 1 PC. Garlic — 4 cloves Any tomato sauce — 900 ml Salt and pepper — to taste Sugar — 1 pinch Heavy cream — 1 Cup Grated Parmesan or Romano cheese Fresh Basil, chopped Fettuccine — 1 […]

Casserole with cauliflower for Breakfast

Casserole with cauliflower for Breakfast. Ingredients: Cauliflower — 300 g Sunflower refined oil — 20 ml Milk — 100 ml Tomatoes — 1 PC. Salt — 1 pinch Cheese — 70 g Chicken eggs -4 PCs. Preparation: 1. Cook cauliflower, it it is necessary beforehand to blanch, you can add water turmeric for color. 2. […]

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