Chicken cutlets «Tenderness»

Chicken cutlets «Tenderness»




2 medium chicken fillet

100 grams of yogurt (or 2-3 spoons of mayonnaise)

100 grams of cheese

2-3 tbsp corn starch

1 small onion (or without)

greens — I took ½ bunch of dill and parsley, and without

salt, spices — to taste

vegetable oil for frying




Chicken fillet cut into cubes. Strongly granulate is not necessary.

Cheese cut into the same cubes or smaller.

If you decide to add onion, it must finely chop.


Add kefir, starch, salt and spices


Salt put less, than usually — the cheese already gives Sol»

Now all you need to mix and add finely chopped greens


Here’s the beef I got


You want to cook on a medium heat.

Can be spread with a spoon as pancakes and


Cakes are fried very quickly.


By the way, eaten even faster.


From this portion I got 15 pieces medium cutlets.



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