Fish in ginger marinade

Fish in ginger marinade


Thick fillet of white fish — 1 kg
Ginger grated on a fine grater 50 g
Finely chopped garlic — 50 g
Balsamic vinegar — 50 ml
Brown sugar — 2 tbsp
Carrot — 1 PC.
Cucumbers — 2-3 PCs.
Cherry tomatoes — 8 PCs.
Lemon juice — 0.5 pieces.
Salt to taste


1. Ginger, garlic, vinegar and sugar mix well, fish cut into small pieces and marinate for three hours in the refrigerator. Cubes cut the carrots, cucumbers to clean them from the seeds and peel. Cherry tomatoes cut into quarters, finely chopped small bunch of mint.
2. Mix everything, add salt and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Leave to marinate for an hour. Fish fry in heated skillet until cooked in a small amount of olive oil just three to five minutes. Not to overdry.
3. Lay it on a vegetable cushion and filed.

Bon appetit!


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