Ingredients and preparation:

We spread layers, each layer with mayonnaise, salt to taste.

1 layer — boiled beets (grate)

2 layer -otvarnaya carrots (grate)

3 layer — onions (cut into semicircles and scalded with boiling water)

4 layer — ham (finely chopped)

5 layer — yolk (grate)

6 layer — marinated mushrooms (finely chopped)

7 layer — cheese (grate)

8 layer — protein (grate and cover them all the salad)

Garnish with parsley, rose from beet and carrot ribbons!


SALAD «BASKET» — a real masterpiece of SALADS!

SALAD «BASKET» — a real masterpiece of SALADS!

Ingredients and preparation:

350-400 g smoked chicken (breast); 4 medium onions; 5 eggs; parsley; mayonnaise; vegetable oil.

1 onion cut chetvertkoltsami, fry until golden brown and leave to cool.

  1. chicken cut into small strips.
  2. Beat 1 egg with a fork and fry in a pan egg pancake until golden in color. Then it is cooled. To do so with all the other eggs.
  3. Then cut 4 egg pancake strips, one will leave for decoration.
  4. Mix the onion, chicken, pancakes, add a little parsley (melkoporezannoy), dressed with mayonnaise.

6. The remaining pancake cut long strips and spread on top of the salad, to get a braided pattern. Decorate with parsley leaves.




Ingredients and preparation:

Rice (uncooked) 4 tbsp. l., egg 5-6 pcs. canned fish (required in oil tuna, saury, sardines, salmon), 1 bank, 1 apple pieces., Onion 1 pc. (small), plums. 80 g butter, 200 g of mayonnaise, sugar, 1 ch. l. lemon juice 1 tbsp. l.

Figure boil, cool.

Sauce: butter canned drained into a separate bowl, add 1/2 serving of mayonnaise, sugar and lemon juice. Thoroughly stir.

Eggs cook, separate the whites from the yolks, not to destroy as much as possible, we need them for the external design of lettuce.

Onions finely chopped, apple peel and grate.

Canned fish mash with a fork.

We spread layers of lettuce on a plate.

1st layer — chopped egg yolks,

2nd layer — half crushed canned

3rd layer — rice, lubricates mayonnaise (the second part, the one that is not used for sauce) with a fork (it lubricates and not fill).

4th layer — grated apple,

5-th layer — the second half of canned food mixed with onions,

6th layer — butter, grated on a grater (can be pre-frozen).

Pour salad dressing, gently starting from the middle and slightly to the outside. Top beautifully sliced ​​decomposed protein.

Decorate to your liking (I have cranberries and mint). Refrigerate for 2 hours impregnation.


SALAD «Red Riding Hood»

SALAD «Red Riding Hood»

Ingredients and preparation:

1 onion (finely cut into cubes and pour over boiling water)

  1. potatoes (diced)
  2. chicken breast (preferably smoked or grilled)

4 walnuts (finely grate or crush in a blender)

5 carrots (cooked, cut into cubes)

  1. Egg (knead or rub on a coarse grater)
  2. cheese

Each layer lubricates mayonnaise, but not thick.

Cover with pomegranate seeds. If you do on holiday, you do granatinkami bukovki or drawing.

It is advisable to give the salad stand for at least an hour, that would be saturated with mayonnaise.




Ingredients and preparation:

This salad stacked layers and each spread with mayonnaise

1 layer — diced chicken breast

2 layer — mushrooms with fried onions, salt and pepper

3 layer — grated boiled carrot on a coarse grater

4 layer — grated apple

5 layer — chopped walnuts

6 layer — egg yolks, cheese, grated

7 layer — proteins

Carrots cut thin strips (fresh) and decorate salad chopped herbs bow and dill and parsley.


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