Natural remedies for cleaning teeth

Natural remedies for cleaning teeth

In addition to the advertised pastes there are many alternatives that are safe for Your teeth. Below are the recipes, which everyone can choose for themselves toothpaste.

1. Kvass and ginger
Can use the powder, prepared as follows. Take alum (10%) and ginger (90%)). To mix, crush and grind into powder.

2. Calamus root
Toothpaste it’s also not harmless for our teeth (and contrary to the advertising), it is better to replace self-made tooth powder. Will be based on the same clay. It is, incidentally, a well periodically change, alternating beneficial microelements: copper, zinc, tin, manganese. To nourish and strengthen gums, add in the powder passed through the grinder calamus root or oak bark. These substances will also help to get rid of bleeding gums.

3. Wool
Teeth can be cleaned with ordinary wool, without the pasta — only the plaque remained. Although if the teeth are healthy and smooth, plaque is not formed. Wool is better because it is clean and used once, unlike brushes, which take 3 months. You can also brush your teeth with a bandage.

4. Briar
In Travnik Ludwig Grobner bases have a prescription from 1563 G. on the use of briar as a tooth powder for strengthening the gums. In Russia the hips (or, as it used to be called, corobrik) also has long been used to treat and prevent bleeding gums and as a remedy for wound healing.

5. Apple
To teeth prevents plaque you need in 15 minutes after I eat apples or other fruit to brush teeth without toothpaste. Fruit acids soften the plaque, and it is easily removed just by brush.

6. Soda and lemon juice
Yellowness from the teeth removed well, if brushing your teeth, put on the brush together with the toothpaste or powder, a little baking soda and 1-2 drops of lemon juice.
Soda, lemon, hydrogen peroxide for cleaning and whitening the teeth: in a tablespoon sprinkle 0.5 teaspoons of soda, there to add 0.5 teaspoons of lemon juice, the mixture will hiss and zarenitsa, then sprinkle a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Moisten your finger and your finger to clean the teeth, slightly to RUB, hold, spit it out. To propuskat mouth with warm water and do not eat at least an hour, especially not to drink cold and hot. This way whitens teeth.

7. Birch leaves

Folk remedy from birch leaves for teeth whitening: take fresh birch leaves, chop them finely. Pour boiling water when a little Podolinec drain and this little water, a separate brush to brush your teeth. To do so every day. As a result, all summer you will have white teeth!

8. Wheat bran

Russian health resort of the XIX-early XX century M. Paid the best dentifrice believed wheat bran and warned from using this purpose products containing acids and soap.

9. White clay

White clay, sea salt, soda and various tinctures and plant extracts. Unlike toothpaste, it will not involve a variety of chemical elements. In the composition of tooth powder is dominated by natural substances affecting the teeth mainly mechanical cleansing action. For the purpose of treatment in some of them add calcium glycerophosphate and sodium bicarbonate. The powders containing these substances are recommended for people who have abundantly deposited Tartar and plaque.

Cleaning teeth is as follows. First the mouth is rinsed with water at room temperature to mechanical, water jet, wash off the accumulation of mucus and food debris. To the glass of water is recommended to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda (Natrium bicarbonicum) or table salt (Natrium chloratum) to facilitate the dissolution of mucus. Then moisten a toothbrush with water, shake and dip in the tooth powder so that the tips of the bristles across the surface of the brush landed on a small amount of powder.

To correct for some unpleasant taste and smell of wet chalk to the dentist powder add a small amount of some essential oils, e.g. mint. Tooth powder should be evenly and very carefully chopped (pulvis subtilissimus).
10. Sage

Tooth powder from the leaves of sage or horsetail and sea salt razmerita 2 teaspoons of fresh leaves in a mortar, put them in a small heat-resistant bowl with a spoon of salt.

Oven warm. Put back the dish. The leaves need to dry to crunched. Remove razmerita into powder, put in an airtight container.

11. Infusion of sage and nettle

I use toothpaste instead an infusion of sage and nettle (in equal proportions pour boiling water and 10-15 minutes cool down).

17. Calamus root

Brush teeth to their means, made with the help of coffee grinders from the roots of calamus, tooth powder, and salt in the ratio 5:4:1.

Water for rinsing the oral cavity with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is the best way to care for your teeth because it kills bacteria in the mouth, they can eliminate even the most unpleasant breath. With regular use you will be insured from gingivitis, dental caries and periodontal disease. The prevention of these diseases lies in the careful teeth cleaning and regular use of water with tea tree oil mouthwash. Water mouthwash — add in a glass of water 3 drops of tea tree oil every night and rinse your mouth with this structure.


Mint, brewed in boiling water, you can also rinse your teeth.

Oak bark
Another rinse for the teeth – a decoction of oak bark, which cleanses and strengthens the gums.

Rinse antiseptic mouth

Try not to use industrial manufactured mouthwashes for the mouth, because the majority of them are aggressive chemical compounds, synthetic flavors or artificial colors.

Instead, try this easy-to-make mouthwash. It will refresh your breath and reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth.

You only need to drip 3-4 drops of essential oil of cloves (natural antibiotic) in 100 ml of water and 30 seconds of rinsing your mouth.


In a glass of water squeeze 1 drop of the essential oil of cloves, mix thoroughly, and rinse your mouth. Then, rinse your mouth with clean water. Great fights against unpleasant odor.


An effective disinfectant — add 3-4 drops of tincture of myrrh to a glass of water. Be prepared — very bitter.



This story was found in an old newspaper. It deals about the amazing healing properties of salt, which was used even during the second world war to treat wounded soldiers.

During the great Patriotic war, I worked as a senior surgical nurse in field hospitals with the surgeon II Sheglov. Unlike other physicians, he successfully used in the treatment of wounded hypertonic saline solution.

On a large surface contaminated wounds it leaves loose, heavily soaked with saline big napkin. After 3-4 days, the wound became clean, pink, temperature, if high, fell almost to normal values, and then superimposed plaster bandage. After another 3-4 days, the wounded were sent to the rear. Hypertonic solution worked perfectly — we had almost no mortality.

10 years after the war, I used the method to treat Shcheglova own teeth and caries complicated granuloma. Luck came in two weeks. After that, I began to study the influence of salt solution on diseases such as cholecystitis, nephritis, chronic appendicitis, rheumatic heart disease, inflammatory processes in the lungs, articular rheumatism, osteomyelitis, abscesses after injection and so on.

In principle, these were isolated incidents, but every time I was getting pretty fast positive results. Later I worked in the clinic and could talk about a number of quite difficult when dressing with saline solution is more effective than all other drugs. We were able to heal bruises, bursitis, chronic appendicitis. The fact that the saline solution has absorption properties and pulls out tissue fluid with pathogenic flora. Once, during a trip to the area, I stopped at the apartment. Children mistress ill with whooping cough. They constantly and painfully coughing. I put them on the back for the night saline dressings. Half an hour later the coughing stopped and till morning did not appear. After four dressings disease disappeared without a trace.

In the clinic, which was discussed, the surgeon suggested I try a saline solution in the treatment of tumors. The first patient was a woman with a cancerous mole on his face. She drew on that mole attention six months ago. During this time, turned purple birthmark, increased in volume, it stood out gray-brown liquid. I began to do her salt stickers. After the first stickers the tumor is pale and diminished.

After the second even more pale and kinda cringed. Allocation stopped. And after the fourth stickers mole acquired its original form. The fifth label treatment ended without surgery.

Then there was a young girl with adenoma of the breast. She had to have surgery. I advised the patient before surgery do saline dressings on the Breasts for several weeks. Imagine the operation is not required.

Six months later, she also formed on the second adenoma of the breast. And again she recovered hypertensive bandages without surgery. I met her nine years after treatment. She felt good about the disease and its not even remember.

Could continue the history of the miraculous cure of using dressings with hypertonic saline. Could tell about the teacher of one of Moscow institutes, which after nine salt pads rid of prostate adenoma.

Woman suffering from leukemia, after the night wore saline dressings — blouse and trousers for three weeks, regained his health.

The practice of using saline dressings.

First. Sodium salt in aqueous solution not more than 10 percent — active sorbent. She pulls from the patient’s body of all the impurities. But the therapeutic effect is only when the bandage is breathable, that is hygroscopic, which is determined by the quality used for the dressing material.

Second. Salt bandage acts locally — only the diseased organ or area of the body. As the liquid is absorbed from the subcutaneous layer it rises tissue fluid from the deeper layers, dragging all of the disease: microbes, viruses and organic matter.
Thus, during operation of the dressing in the tissues of the patient’s body is updated liquid purification from pathogenic factor and, as a rule, the elimination of the pathological process.

Third. Bandage with hypertonic saline solution acts gradually. The therapeutic effect is achieved within 7-10 days, and sometimes more.

Fourth. The use of saline solution requires some caution. For example, I would not advise you to apply a bandage with a solution concentration of more than 10 percent. In some cases, even better than the 8 percent solution. (Solution will help you prepare any pharmacist).

Have a question for some: where do doctors look when dressing with hypertonic solution so effective, why this treatment is not widely used? It’s very simple — the doctors are in thrall to medical treatment. Pharmaceutical companies offer new and more expensive drugs. Unfortunately, medicine is a business. The trouble hypertonic solution is that it is too simple and cheap. Meanwhile, life convinces me that such bandages is a great tool in the fight against many diseases.

For example, when the runny nose and headaches I impose a circular bandage on his forehead and the back of the head for the night. An hour and a half, runny nose runs, and in the morning disappears and headache. In any colds apply bandages at the first sign. And if you still lost time and the infection had time to penetrate into the throat and bronchi, at the same time doing a full bandage on head and neck (3-4 layers of soft thin cloth) and back (from layer 2 wet and 2 dry towels layers) usually all night. Cure is achieved after 4-5 treatments. While I continue to work.

A few years ago I was approached by a relative. Her daughter was suffering from acute attacks of cholecystitis. During the week I dabbed her cotton protezavimo on the diseased liver. Fold it in 4 layers, moistened in saline solution and left overnight.

The bandage on the liver superimposed boundaries: from the base of the left breast to the middle transverse line of the abdomen, and in width from the sternum and the white line of the abdomen from the front to the spine behind. One tightly bandaged a wide bandage, tighter on the stomach. After 10 hours the bandage is removed and the same area for half an hour superimposed hot water bottle.

This is done in order as a result of deep heating to expand the bile ducts for free passage into the intestine dehydrated and bile thickening mass. Warmer in this case is obligatory. As for girls, after treatment passed many years, and your liver does not complain.

Don’t want to call addresses, names, surnames. Believe it or not, but the 4-layer bandage salt of cotton towels, imposed on both Breasts for 8-9 hours at night, helped the woman to get rid of two weeks from cancer of the breast. My friend with saline swabs imposed directly on the cervix for 15 hours, to cope with cervical cancer. After 2 weeks of treatment, the tumor thinned 2-3 times, became softer, its growth stopped. Such it remained until the present time.

The salt solution can be used only in the dressing, but in any case not in compression. The salt concentration in the solution should not exceed 10%, but does not fall below 8%.

Bandage with a solution of higher concentration can lead to destruction of capillaries in the tissues in the overlapped area.

Very important the choice of material for bandages. It needs to be hygroscopic. It is easy to get wet without any residual grease, ointments, alcohol, iodine. Unacceptable they on the skin to which the Bandage is put.

It is best to use linen and cotton fabric (towel), repeatedly used and not once erased. Ultimately, you can also use gauze. The latter consists of 8 layers. Any of these other materials — in 4 layers.

If applied, a solution needs to be hot enough. Squeeze povyazochny material should be medium, so he was not very dry and very wet. The bandage does not apply.

Bandage it with a bandage or adhesive plaster stick.

At various pulmonary processes (excluded for bleeding from the lungs) bandage superimposed on the back, but it is necessary to know precisely the localization process. Bandaged chest tight enough, but not to squeeze the breath.

Belly bandage tighter as possible, because during the night he is released, the bandage becomes loose and no longer valid. In the morning, after removing the bandage, the material should be well rinsed in warm water.

To better bandage is adjacent to the back, I wet it put layers between the roller blades on the spine and bandage it with a bandage.
That’s all I would like to share with readers. If you have problems and you are unable to resolve them in medical facilities, try, use the saline dressings. This method is not some kind of sensation. He simply was well forgotten.


10 most useful nuts

10 most useful nuts

1. Pistachios.
These nuts:
— reduce the level of bad cholesterol overall by 6%;
— support eye health (contains zeaxanthin and lutein);
— protect cells from damage.

2. Almonds:
— reduces the production of insulin;
— promotes weight loss;
— protects cells from the aggression of free radicals.

3. Peanuts:
— prevents Alzheimer’s disease;
— increases efficiency of the organism (the ideal ratio of protein and fat).

4. Pecans:
— restores the balance of cholesterol;
— increases efficiency of the organism;
— relieve migraine.

5. Pine nuts:
— reduce the appetite;
— support immune system (zinc);
— have a beneficial effect on memory (magnesium);
— protect cells against the aggression of free radicals (vitamin E).

6. Brazil nut:
— protects against prostate cancer and breast cancer (one in Brazil nuts is concentrated, the daily rate of selenium);
— increases efficiency of the organism.

7. The macadamia nut:
— prevents coronary heart disease;
— saturates monounsaturated fats (getting rid of “bad” cholesterol).

8. Hazelnuts:
— supports the skin and eyes in good condition (vitamin E);
— prevents atherosclerosis.

9. Cashews:
— promotes the transport of oxygen throughout the body (iron);
— has a beneficial effect on memory (magnesium);
— maintains the strength of the skeletal system (magnesium and copper).

10. Walnuts:
— relieve anxiety and depression;
— normalize sleep;
— get rid of migraine;
— reduce PMS symptoms;
— improve memory.

The most important thing that your diet was varied. Selecting, for example, cashew, due to the lack of magnesium in your body, it is not necessary zloupotrebiti only this product. After large “doses” of one product can be produced ottarzhenie and usefulness of this product for your body quickly subsides to nothing. The more nuts You eat , the better for You.


What’s going on in our body at night

What’s going on in our body at night.

22:00 hours.
In the blood doubles the number of leukocytes is the immune system checks the managed territories. The body temperature falls. Honking biological clock: it’s time to sleep.

23:00 hours.
The body relaxes more and more, but in every cell, the full swing restoration processes.

00:00 hours.
A mind more master of dreams, and the brain continues to work, laying out on shelves the day received information.

1:00 hour.
Sleep is very sensitive. Unhealed just a tooth or traumatized long ago, the knee can raznitsja and will not fall asleep until morning.

2:00 hours.
Rest all the organs, only the liver is working hard at cleaning up the sleeping body of accumulated toxins.

3:00 hours.
Full physiological decline: blood pressure on the lower limit, pulse and breathing are rare.

4:00 hours.
The brain is supplied with a minimal amount of blood and not ready to Wake, but hearing is extremely acute — to Wake up from the slightest noise.

5:00 PM.
The kidneys are resting, muscles are asleep, metabolism slows down, but in principle the body is ready to Wake up.

6:00 PM.
The adrenal glands begin to throw into the blood hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine that increase blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. The body is already preparing for the revival, although consciousness is still dormant.

7:00 PM
within an hour the immune system. It’s time to warm up and stand under a cold shower. By the way, drugs in this hour are absorbed significantly better than at other times of the day.


Asparagus is a good helper of Your liver

Asparagus is a good helper of Your liver!
Korean researchers analyzed the components of asparagus and its biochemical effect on the liver of humans and rats. They concluded that the minerals and amino acids contained in asparagus ease hangovers and protect the liver against toxins generated by the consumption of alcohol. The most useful properties are contained in the extract from the leaves of medicinal asparagus. Other names: pharmacy asparagus, common asparagus, Asparágus officinális (scientific name in Latin).
According To B. Y. Kim, researcher, national University of Republic of Korea in Jeju, asparagus reduces the cellular toxicity of the ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages. Asparagus speeds up metabolism and thereby minimizes the damage to cells as a result of oxidation, which is exposed to our body after drinking alcoholic beverages. The results of Korean scientists published in the scientific publication Journal of Food Science.
Also asparagus is in the TOP 10 anti-stress products.


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