Rolls of chicken breast in cheese sauce

Rolls of chicken breast in cheese sauce




breast of chicken (8 pieces)400 gr.

ham 8 goals(250 gr.),

cream cheese 8 washers( 200 gr.),

cheese 50-80 g.,

salt/pepper to taste, thyme.



sour cream 250-300 gr.

salt/pepper to taste

garlic 1-2 cloves(chopped finely)

delicate mustard 1-2 tsp,

dry white wine 50 ml)



How to cook


Beats the breast pieces, sprinkle them with salt/pepper/herbs and placing it between the tape. The size of the chicken breast should be approximately equal to the goals of ham. Of all components required to prepare the sauce, all the whisking,and pour it into the baking dish. To chopped meat add ham and puck puck cream cheese (for toast), sprinkle with dried thyme,wrap in rolls and put into the form in the sauce (if necessary ,fasten with wooden skewers). Sprinkle the top with grated cheese and send in a preheated 200° oven for 20 minutes. Garnish can be any favorite: bulgur,couscous,buckwheat,rice…Yes, just a pita….


Bon appetit!!!



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