Cake with berries with cream filling in multivarka


the dough:

sugar — 100 g

margarine or butter — 120 g

Eggs — 2 pcs

baking powder — 1 hour. L.

meal — 300-350 grams


sour cream — 200 g

Sugar — 4 tbsp. l.

flour — 2-3 tbsp. l.

Eggs — 2 pcs

berries (any) I cherries frozen — 250-300 g

If you have the berries are frozen, remove them beforehand.

First, you need to cook the dough. Margarine or butter to melt. This can be done in multivariate.

Beat eggs with sugar. Pour the slightly cooled melted margarine or butter. Flour with baking powder and mix in small portions to enter into the dough. You should get soft dough. Cover the dough and remove the plastic bag in the refrigerator until and prepare themselves Let us fill.

Eggs, sugar, sour cream and stir well, add the flour and whisk to avoid lumps. Sour cream filling is ready.

Now proceed to the formation of our future jellied sweet cake.

We get the dough from the refrigerator and flatten it on the bottom of the bowl multivarochnoy forming high boards (required because our cake has a little rise). The chalice can not be lubricated.

At the bottom of the test put the berries. Top pour sour cream fill.

Include multivarku, set the «baking». Bake cake with berries jellied multivariate in 65 minutes. After multivarku signal off and on, without opening the cover to give it time to cool completely. Otherwise, when you turn it may be deformed.

I waited about two hours, then using a basket steamer took him out of the bowl. The pie was still warm, but the fill was already frozen.

Jellied cake with berries in multivariate was very tasty! Cut it better when it cools down completely, then turn the pieces smooth and beautiful. The cake is delicious both hot and cold.

(a little trick that I have not taken into account, the dough swells privypechke, so try as thin as possible to distribute it on the day Multivarki, especially on the border of the bottom and walls, it turns out there can not do it very subtly, you see in the picture).

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