Myths with a capital «E»

Manufacturers-food industry workers claim that the additives indicated on the label the letter «E», make the products better. Whether so it actually?

Myth # 1. They improve the quality of the products.
Actually may improve the appearance of the product, and the quality always suffers. In such products less useful natural substances, and harmful — more.

Myth # 2. They make the product tastier.
On the contrary, natural taste products, made of good raw material, are better. Additives only enhance the taste if the main component in the product is small or it is of poor quality.

Myth # 3. Permitted additives are absolutely safe.
The test additives are imperfect, and many of them are considered to be relatively harmless in small doses and under certain conditions of use.

Myth # 4. Without preservatives products will be more dangerous, they can easily be poisoned.
Actually, they will be fresher, but unprofitable for producers to put products on sale every day or every week. This is especially true of large, global companies.

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