Chocolate pancakes on yogurt


Egg chicken 4 pieces

Dark Chocolate 60 g

Wheat flour 1 cup

1 cup milk

¾ cup natural yogurt

Chocolate syrup 2 tablespoons

2 tablespoons sugar

Baking powder 2 teaspoons

1 teaspoon salt

Vegetable oil to taste


30 minutes.

  1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath.
  2. In a bowl, beat the eggs and add the melted chocolate, flour, milk, yogurt, chocolate syrup, sugar, baking powder, and salt. All mix until smooth. Leave for 5-10 minutes in a cool place.

3. Good heat the greased skillet over medium heat. Roast pancakes, adding oil as necessary, until cooked on both sides.

Cheese soup with prawns


Processed cheese — 400 grams

Potatoes — 200 g

Carrots — 100 grams

Sea salt — 1 teaspoon

Sunflower refined — 40 ml

Dried fennel powder — 30 grams

Dried parsley Ground — 30 grams

Shrimp (peeled, frozen) — 200 grams


  1. First of all, turn the stove on a strong level and put it deep pan filled with the right amount of clean water. Mass of liquid depends on your desire. If you want a thicker soup, use 1.5 liters of water if less dense — 2 liters. When the liquid boils, helping himself with a tablespoon dissolved in it 400 grams of cheese.
  2. After the clean peeled potatoes, wash under cold running water from the sand and any other contaminants. Dry them with paper kitchen towels from moisture and alternately stacked on a cutting board, shred cube diameter of up to 1 — 1.5 cm, throws into the pot again with a boiling water, cheese and cook 10 — 15 minutes.
  3. Then, as well as clean potatoes peeled carrots, rinse it under cold water and dry them with paper towels and rub on a small grater directly into a deep bowl. Carrots will not be visible in the soup, but will give it a nice color, taste and aroma.
  4. While the potatoes are cooked, turn the adjacent burner on the stove to medium and put the pan on it with 40 ml of refined sunflower oil. When the oil heats up, throws it shredded carrots, stirring constantly and vegetable kitchen spatula fry for 3 — 4 minutes until softened and light golden. Strongly fry carrots is not necessary, it should be just slightly soften. After the vegetable reaches the desired texture, immediately remove pan from heat.
  5. Once the potato is cooked, add it to the stew of carrots, shelled, frozen shrimp, salt to taste and readjusted almost finished soup to a boil. After boiling in the same pot introduce 30 grams of dried dill and parsley.

Mix all the ingredients of the first hot meal wooden kitchen spoon, boil it for 3 minutes, turn off the stove, cover pan with a lid and give the soup infuse for 25 — 30 minutes. Then, using the ladle spill it in a deep dish and serve to the table.

6. Cheese soup with shrimp served hot as the first hot meal for dinner. At the request of this kind of soup can be supplemented with fresh chopped dill, parsley, cilantro, green onion, in each portion can be put croutons of white bread or a flavored pudding sprinkled with grated on a fine grater hard cheese. Enjoy

Simple honey cake, for those who do not like to roll out the dough

Ingredients and preparation:

In a pan put 100 g. margarine, 1 cup sugar, 2 tbsp. l. honey, 1 hr. l. soda and put on low heat, stirring occasionally, cook 10 minutes, until browned. Remove from the heat, add 200g. sour cream, stir well and trying to drive 2 eggs.

Mass stir and add 2 cups of flour. All stir well until smooth. Pour onto a sheet lined with baking paper and pechёm temp. 200 gr. somewhere 15min.

When the cake has cooled, cut it in half and along the entire surface. Fold cakes at each other and cut smooth edge. From scrap to make crumbs. Korzh fluff whipped cream with sugar. 400 gr. cream and 3 tbsp. l. sugar. Edge also smear cream and sprinkle with crumbs.

Delicious puff salad

Delicious puff salad

1st layer: boiled potatoes, grated on a coarse grater

2nd layer: green onions

3rd layer of boiled eggs, grated

4th layer: marinated mushrooms

5th layer: diced ham

6th layer: boiled carrots, grated

7th layer: processed cheese and a little Dutch

All layers are lubricated with a little mayonnaise. Salt the vegetables.

Bon Appetit!

Breakfast in the baskets of pancakes

If you yesterday left a couple of rosy pancakes, I can tell you how great they can be applied in the morning and prepare your family a simple breakfast …

Certainly, on the shelf of your refrigerator, there is also a couple of eggs, a slice of sausage (or ham), and overlooked a small piece of cheese … I assure you — it will be enough that the breakfast was nice and hearty, and the husband and the kids happy and thankful.

As I have already noted, in addition to ready-made pancakes we take:

ham (sausage or sausage) — 100g

Eggs — 2 pcs.

hard cheese — 20 g

salt, spices — to taste

How to cook our breakfast:

Every housewife prepares pancakes for her years of proven extremely family recipe, so how well they bake, I will not stop.

Specifying only that for its pancakes I traditionally use milk, a little boiled water, eggs, sugar, salt, flour, and vegetable oil. Obtained thin, tasty, and tender. Peck and always a lot, so sometimes the couple will remain so. Ham, we dlinnenkoy chopsticks.

Three cheese on a coarse terochke.

This preparatory stage is completed. We now need small ceramic molds for baking, or you can take the form of disposable foil (by the way, extremely comfortable to use).

Pancakes, we laid in our forms, as if the bottom was covered — it turns a kind of beautiful tsvetochek.Na bottom lay the ham-straw.

Well washed gently break the eggs on ham — it is advisable to stay tselenkim zheltochek. You can now slightly prisolit and pepper. On top is a layer of grated hard cheese.

We send all this beauty in the preheated oven for no more than 7-10 minutes — this time enough to chicken protein seized, melted cheese, and pancakes are not too dry and not burnt.

Faster brew coffee and call his household — simple, delicious, and original breakfast already on the table!

Good day to you and bon appetit!

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