Pork baked with mayonnaise and spices

Juicy meat with spices — a magnificent taste.

You will need:

1.2 kg pork loin boneless

6-7 cloves of garlic

3-4 bay leaves

1 cup mayonnaise

1 tablespoon ground coriander

1.5 tablespoons ground black pepper

1.5 tablespoons paprika

salt to taste

How to cook:

  1. Pour the mayonnaise into a bowl. Add all the spices (coriander, black pepper, paprika).
  1. Peel the garlic and press it into the bowl. Season with salt to taste and stir.
  1. Cut a large enough sheet of foil and fold it twice (a double-folded piece should be enough to wrap the pork completely). Put the meat on the foil fat side down.
  1. With a spoon smudge on the surface of the meat about 1/4 of the sauce, then turn the meat, the fat was on top. Evenly smear the rest of the sauce on all sides pieces.
  1. Add the bay leaf.
  1. Connect the upper and lower ends of the foil together and tighten. Just tighten the foil from the sides to the sauce in the roasting not emerged. Put the meat to marinate in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
  1. Heat the oven to 180C. Put the meat in foil on a baking sheet and bake for 3 hours (if a piece of meat is more — increase the cooking time).
  1. Remove the pork from the oven and, opening the foil, let cool slightly.
  1. Then put the meat on a plate and remove the bay leaf. Slice the pork and pour the sauce obtained when baking.

Bon Appetit!

Sponge roulade with raspberries

The roll was very tasty and unusual. No special skills are not needed. With this option biscuit dough, I’m sure everyone will have no problems.

Cooking time: 50-55 minutes.

Difficulty: Minimal.

To make the sponge roulade with raspberry filling, we need:

1) 4 raw chicken eggs

2) 350 g of sugar

3) 130 g flour

4) 2 tablespoons milk

5) 2 tablespoons of cocoa

6) 250 g of butter

7) 300 g of fresh raspberries

8) 150 g raspberry jam

9) seeds in chocolate to decorate

Chicken eggs mixed with sugar (270 g) with a hand mixer or a halo in a small saucepan.

Put the pot in a water bath and stirred vigorously the egg mass to increase it to 2-3.

It is important not to overheat the dough, it should brighten and grow at the small fire.

At this time the oven is already warmed up.

Remove the pan from the heat and continue whisking mass to room temperature.

When it has cooled down, we begin to introduce the flour, adding one tablespoon.

Gently pour the batter into the pan, the laid parchment.

Bake cake for about fifteen minutes, until the top, is lightly browned.

At this time, loans cream.

200 g of butter at room temperature to stir the remaining sugar. Then add to it and washed the dried raspberry cream and mix to desired consistency.

Ready to curl cake roll with the parchment and leave to cool slightly.

Then, we expand it, remove the paper, and grease it with a liquid raspberry jam. This will be our impregnation.

Then spread on the dough soaked in cream and turn roll.

Melt the remaining butter with the milk. Add 3 tablespoons of sugar and cocoa, stir and bring to a boil.

Pour glaze on the finished roll and sprinkle with chocolate sunflower seeds.

Remove the roll in the refrigerator for 9-10 hours.

The puff-pastry, kebabs on skewers


minced meat – 500 g,

puff unleavened dough – 500 g

soy sauce – 3 tbsp. spoons,

black pepper – to taste

onion – 1,

garlic – 2 cloves,

lettuce for decoration.

Onion RUB on a grater (you can skip through a meat grinder) and put in the stuffing. Add soy sauce, pepper, and chopped garlic. If necessary, sprinkle with salt, but do not forget that soy sauce itself is quite salty. Forcemeat mixes well and removes for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Then they formed meatballs with 4 pieces on a skewer. Thus, one meatball is obtained weighing 25 g, and served on a skewer – 100 g

Roll out the dough into a rectangle and cut it into strips of a width slightly greater than the diameter of the meatballs.

Skewers are pre-soaked in water for a few minutes, then take them meatballs, and wrap them with a ribbon of dough.

Proven lubricated with oil, lay the skewers on it and send in a preheated 180° C oven. Bake until tender, about 30-40 minutes.

Serve on lettuce leaves.

Bon appetit!

Pancake pie with cottage cheese filling


Ready thin pancakes — 10-12 pieces

Cottage cheese — 500 g

Sugar — 1-2 tbsp

Egg — 1 PC.

Vanilla sugar — 1 sachet

Dried apricots or raisins

To fill

Eggs — 2 PCs.

Sugar — 2-3 tbsp

Sour cream — 3 tbsp


  1. Bake thin pancakes on your favorite recipe.
  2. To prepare the filling. For this curd grind with egg, sugar, and vanilla sugar, add chopped dried apricots, and mix well.
  3. Spread the filling on the pancake, roll it roll.
  4. Form for baking grease with butter. Pancakes to put in the form of a spiral.
  5. Prepare the sauce for pancake pie. For this lightly beat eggs with sugar, add sour cream, and stir until smooth.

6. The whole pancake cake evenly to cover the filling, put the form with the pie in a preheated 190-degree oven for 30-35 minutes.

Bonn soup to burn fat


Fresh cabbage – 400g

Onions – 5 PCs

Tomatoes – 5 pieces (this is an approximate number, and you can use canned)

Bell pepper green – 2pcs

Carrots – 2 PCs

Celery (stalks) – 4 pieces and a piece of root (2cm)

Parsley – 1 bunch


All the vegetables are cut or rubbed on a grater – as I used to the hostess. In a pot of cold water put all the products including fire. While the soup is boiling, you can add some spices: garlic, curry, ginger, Laurel, coriander. Not necessarily all at once, it is possible that one or something like that.

Onions can be fried in a very small amount of olive oil and also add to the pot. Soon the water boils, now we must add the greens, reduce the heat and simmer the soup for another 10 minutes. Then cover with a lid and on low heat bring to readiness. Some just turn off the fire so that the soup itself has reached the condition». So retains more nutrients.

For the broth, you can use low-fat beef broth, vegetable cube, or a sachet of onion soup. It depends on the preferences of each person.

Bon appetit!

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